SABRE is Crusader Hose’s premium percolating fire hose. This is a lay flat percolating fire hose which allows precision engineered seepage of water under pressure through the hose fabric jacket. This percolating feature forms a water barrier on the hose jacket which protects the hose against the effects of heat and glowing embers.

Sabre fire hose can be manufactured from 25mm to 102mm diameter.

Its lightweight yet sturdy construction enables fire fighters to take this hose into dense bush fires, transporting the hose in backpacks. The hose is fully synthetic thus making it mildew resistant. As a result this hose is maintenance free so no drying is required after use.

Depending on the types of fires, you can choose from 3 grades of percolation – low, medium and high.

The SABRE Hose has the Australian Standard AS2792-1992.