RAPIER is a popular choice for both fire brigades and industrial plant fire protection. It is a high pressure Type 3 fire hose, which is manufactured with an extruded synthetic rubber cover. This extruded cover protects the hose against abrasion and chemical damage.
The interior lining and exterior coating on the fire hose jacket is made from PVC nitrite. This extruded cover is highly chemical and abrasion resistant .
In addition to the practical protection afforded by the polymer cover, the lay flat hose is protected from being stained by oils and dirt.
The RAPIER hose has the Australian Defense Force DEF 5195A Standard of approval.




Hose Type Excalibur Cavalier Centurion Sabre Rapier
Burst Pressure Low Medium Medium High High Medium High Medium High
Diameter 25mm – 102mm 25mm – 102mm 25mm – 102mm 25mm – 102mm 25mm – 102mm
Cover material Polyester PU Coating Polyester Percolating PVC
Colour White Red/Any White White Red/Any